When Police Kill: Barriers To Accountability


This video was commissioned by the Justice Teams Network as part of a reform campaign to inform and empower impacted communities across California to repeal the Police Officer's Bill Of Rights. The campaign launches with the first in a series of videos & will be followed town halls across the state.

A Stare Back Production
Narrated by Cat Brooks

Love and Gratitude to Theresa Smith and the family of Caesar Cruz, Yolanda Banks and the family of Sahleem Tindle, Uncle Bobby and the family of Oscar Grant.


Producer - Director: Noémie Serfaty
Cinematographer: Kimberlee Webber
Animator: Alexa Christine Burrell
Illustrator: Stasha Lampert
Narrator: Cat Brooks
Editor: Noémie Serfaty
Color/Sound/Titles: Elizabeth Ray
Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Ray