Treasure Island


Treasure Island is a former US naval base between San Francisco and Oakland, California. It is known to be a highly radioactive site that has not been remediated. When the US military left the Island they gave it to the city of SF. The military housing became project housing and all residents of Treasure Island have the city of SF as a landlord.
It is the 3rd most diverse neighborhood in the United States with 70% people of color, not including the many Muslims and Arabs that are counted as white.
SF is planning the building of 8500 brand new housing units while acting as a slumlord to the residents, particularly targeting the Black Latino and Muslim residents with no cause evictions and daily harrassment.

Credits: Directed by Noémie Serfaty
Second camera: Vera Yin
Editing: Noémie Serfaty - Vera Yin
Music: Sequestration by Nemeton - Adrian Newton

Creative Commons License Attribution Share Alike